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<span>Rancon Group</span> 瑞肯集团

Rancon Group 瑞肯集团

The Rancon Group was founded by Mr. Daniel L. Stephenson in 1971, for the purpose of helping investors benefit from the intense growth that was starting to occur in California. With its beautiful weather, movie and entertainment industry, white sandy beaches and a great deal of land yet to be developed, the southern portion of California was attracting a great deal of people anxious to relocate. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Mr. Stephenson determined that best opportunities existed in the areas between San Diego and Los Angeles so that’s where he settled.

Since the Rancon Group was formed in 1971, it has successfully completed more than 350 real estate development projects and has provided steady and substantial returns to tens of thousands of investors. The Rancon name has become synonymous with stability, quality and integrity.

Since 1971, Rancon has grown into one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in California. Through its various entities, Rancon has developed residential projects, retail shopping centers, wineries, office buildings, self-storage facilities and large mixed-use developments. The company operates with a team of highly skilled seasoned professionals, with experience in all phases of development, finance and construction.

Mr. Stephenson, as Chairman of the Board, still provides his experience and considerably business expertise and continues to play an active role in virtually all of the company’s development projects.