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News 新闻


Just before the September 30, 2016 deadline to extend the EB-5, the U.S. Congress passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to extend all federal programs until December 9, 2016. That date is fast approaching and with the usual turmoil that surrounds the beginning of a new presidential administration, congress has not had sufficient time to debate, or make the changes that are anticipated. Therefore, today, December 9, congress has passed another CR, continuing all U.S. Government programs, including EB-5, until April 28, 2017.


It is anticipated that before the April 28th date, the EB-5 program will undergo some changes, the most important of which is that the minimum investment amounts will increase. It has been seriously discussed that the investment amount for projects in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), such as Europa Village and Europa Vineyard Estates will increase from $500,000 to $800,000. No one can say with certainty what Congress will change, but almost everyone involved in the process believes we will see
this change.

预计在4月28日之前,EB-5计划将发生一些变化,其中最重要的是对于增加目标就业区(TEA)项目的投资额一事正在讨论中,最低投资额将提高, 例如欧尚风情度假村项目和欧尚风房产暨度假别墅开发项目的投资额,将从50万美元增加到80万美元。没有人可以肯定的说国会会对此作出改变,但几乎每个参与过程的人都相信我们会看到这种变化

What’s important about this is that everyone still has an opportunity, prior to April 28, 2017, to become an EB-5 investor at the $500,000 investment level. We strongly suggest that those considering this investment, move forward immediately to secure their place at $500,000.