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<span>Development News</span>公司最新消息及项目动态

Development News公司最新消息及项目动态

Eastern Municipal Water District Completes $30,000,000 Sewer Line 东区市政供水区三千万美元排水管道项目完工  

The Eastern Municipal Water District celebrated the completion of a $30,000,000 sewer line that runs directly in front of the Rancon Regional Center’s project, Europa Village. It was officially dedicated on September 17, 2015. This has huge benefits to both Europa Village and Europa Estates and will allow Europa Estates to be the first and only residential project in all of the Temecula Valley Wine Country to have sewer service to the residential home sites.

In addition to benefiting Europa, it has two other significant benefits to the Temecula Valley Wine Country. It allows new wineries to be built to meet the growing demand for the tourist industry. It also allows these new wineries to include much needed additional hotel rooms, restaurants and event centers.

In addition, the Temecula Valley is blessed with major underground water reservoirs that were starting to be affected by the lack of a Wine Country sewer system. This new sewer line significantly reduces that concern. Water is a very precious commodity and we are pleased that this new sewer line protects this valuable asset.

Rancon Group President, who also is the Mayor of Temecula, attended the groundbreaking with other government officials. Also in attendance were California State Senator Jeff Stone, the 3rd district of Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington as well as a number of other Government officials.

From left to right: Supervisor Chuck Washington, EMWD Board Member Joe Kuebler, Senator Jeff Stone, Chairman of MWD Randy Record, Temecula Council Member Maryann Edwards, Temecula Mayor Jeff Comerchero, EMWD Executive Director Paul Jones, EMWD Board Member Ron Sullivan, Murrieta Council Member Jonathan Ingram.




瑞肯集团总裁,同时也是塔梅拉市的市长,携其他政府领导参加了完工典礼。同时到场的有加利福尼亚州议员Jeff Stone,河滨郡第三区督导Chuck Washington,以及数位政府领导。

从左至右:督导Chuck Washington,东区市政供水区(EMWD)董事Joe Kuebler,州议员Jeff Stone,市政供水区(MWD)主席Randy Record,塔梅拉市(Temecula)市议员Maryann Edwards,塔梅拉市(Temecula)市长Jeff Comerchero,东区市政供水区(EMWD)执行董事Paul Jones,东区市政供水区(EMWD)董事Ron Sullivan,穆列塔市(Murrieta)市议员Jonathan Ingram。