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<span>Rancon Regional Center</span> 瑞肯区域中心

Rancon Regional Center 瑞肯区域中心

Rancon Regional Center – EB5 Center for American Investment

The Rancon Regional Center was formed to assist real estate development companies in financing their projects through the United States Immigration program known as EB-5. The program originated in 1993, but didn’t gain in popularity until the serious U.S. financial recession that began in 2007. At that time traditional bank and institutional capital sources pulled back and little or no money was available to finance real estate projects. For both real estate developers and non-U.S. investors, EB-5 became a viable alternative.

The premise of the EB-5 program is fairly simple. Non-U.S. citizens can make investments in the United States with a minimum of $500,000 thereby creating a minimum of 10 new jobs per investor. In return for this investment the U.S. Immigration Service will issue Green Cards, allowing the investors and/or family members to emigrate to the U.S.

Regional Centers are authorized to operate in certain counties and certain industry sectors. The Rancon Regional Center is approved to do business in Southern California, in the counties of San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles. Approved industry sectors are Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores, Non-Residential Building Construction, Traveler Accommodation, Office Supplies, Stationary & Gift Stores, Special Food Services, Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages), Restaurants and other Eating Places, Personal Care Services and Beverage Manufacturing.

瑞肯区域中心 – 美国投资移民中心

瑞肯区域中心透过美国EB-5投资移民计划成立,以协助房地产开发商获得融资,开发项目。该移民法早在1993年便已成立,但一直到2007年 美国经济开始严重衰退时才受到重视。当时,传统银行与金融机构撤销房地产项目的融资,切断了项目开发需要的主要资金来源。对房地产开发商及国外的投资客来说,EB-5便成为一个可行的融资方案。