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Company News & Project Updates 公司最新消息及项目动态

Company News & Project Updates 公司最新消息及项目动态



by Jeff Comerchero

My latest trip to China was Oct 20th-Nov 1st. This one was a little shorter than the previous trips as this was for a specific purpose.  That purpose was to speak at a seminar about our Europa Village project and the advantages of investing with us.  It was held in Beijing.  While in China, I extended the stay beyond the 2 days needed for the seminar to work with new contacts and solidify existing relationships.  This trip took me Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing.  The seminar itself was amazing.  Normally the agent firms are able to attract 50-100 guests and that’s considered successful.  This particular seminar, geared to families with children approaching college age, drew 1800 attendees.  The firm which hosted this is large and is able to cast a wide marketing net.  They also have a large staff so they are continuing to follow up on the potential investors.  The trip may have been shorter than the previous ones, but it was the most successful.


Jeff Comerchero
Jeff Comerchero speaking at an EB5 seminar in Beijing, drawing 1800 attendees. Jeff Comerchero 在北京的EB5研讨会上演讲,吸引了1800名参加者。


Europa Village Project

Rough grading of the entire Europa Village site (except for the existing Prelude facility) started in April and was completed in September. Some extra remedial grading work was performed at the direction of the soils engineer to insure that the site is completely stable and ready for construction of utilities, site improvements and buildings.


Onsite utilities consisting of sewer, domestic water, fire water and storm drain are currently under construction, and will be completed in January 2017 except for portions that must be constructed after buildings are completed.


In February 2017, those portions of the site that are out of the way of remaining construction will be planted with new vineyards. The balance of vineyards will be installed after completion of the buildings, during the appropriate planting season.


Building plans are in final plan check processing, and building permits are expected to be issued in 2nd quarter 2017, with building construction expected to start shortly thereafter subject to all required financing being in place.